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Reminder for Final Paper Requirements

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Requirements for final paper:

DUE December 20 at 4 pm by email. Once again, technical difficulties will not be accepted as an excuse for lateness. Late papers will be marked down 3 points for every day they are late.

Page length: 10-12 pages in Times 12 point font with 1-inch margins.

Title: Your paper must have a title that explains what the paper is about.

Sources: Your final draft must have at at least 10 secondary sources (this does not include the text you are writing about). Five of these sources must be scholarly, and they must actually appear somewhere in your paper and not just on the works cited list. Your works cited list MUST follow MLA guidelines. You will be marked down for failure to follow MLA format.

Grade Evaluation:

Your grade will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Thesis: Is your thesis clear, does it make sense, and is it an interesting thesis that is worth arguing?

Organization: Is the paper organized, with paragraphs following one another in logical order, all coming together to create a coherent structure?

Language/mechanics: Is the language clear, with correct syntax, mechanics (grammar), and sentence structure? Does the writer demonstrate a clear grasp of the English language? Does all of the language make sense, or is it murky and unclear?

Evidence: Does the writer use proper evidence to back up the points being made? Is this evidence seamlessly incorporated into the paper, and is it convincing?

Sources: Are the sources seamlessly incorporated into the paper in a way that supports the argument and convinces the reader?

Analysis: Is there thoughtful analysis of the material? Is the evidence that is presented followed up by original analysis?

Improvement: Does this draft take into consideration the things we discussed in class workshops and the comments I have given in previous drafts. How well have you responded to constructive criticism, and how improved is this paper over previous incarnations?

Before handing in your paper, make sure of the following:
1. MLA: make sure all of your works cited follow MLA format. Click here for a style guide
2. Citation: make sure you have cited all of your quotations/ideas from your sources
3. Proofread: Go through at least twice and make sure that your paper does not include typos, grammatical errors, or syntactical mistakes. Read the paper out loud to yourself and to another person to make sure that all the sentences make sense and sound natural.

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