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This week

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The reading for this week is an article entitled Digital Biography and is downloadable here: Digital Biography

You will also have 2 blog assignments this week.

1. Read “Digital Biography.” Choose one point that Arthur makes anywhere in this article that you find interesting. Quote that point, explain it in your own words, and then apply it to your own experience creating online auto/biography (on Facebook, or in a blog, an online profile, a bio of somebody else, etc.) (Note: though you need only write about one point, make sure you read the whole article and understand it, as this will be important for our class work next week).

2. For your second entry, which will be your last entry this semester, I want you to reflect on the various texts we have read and the different discussion we have had over the semester. What do you feel you have learned about the genre of autobiography? Which texts did you find the most illuminating in our exploration, and why? Write at least 3 paragraphs.

Print out both entries to bring to class next week.

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