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Prospectus and Annotated Bibiolgraphy

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As you know, your research prospectus and annotated bibiographies are due by midnight on 10/24 (sunday), which means you must have it both emailed to me as a word attachment, and posted on your blog. This is basically a proposal for your project, and a summary of your research so far. Here are some guidelines for your proposal and bibliography

What is a prospectus?
Your prospectus is a proposal for your research paper. It should be about a page in length, consisting of about two paragraphs. The first paragraph will give an overview of your topic, including what you are going to write about (the texts), what work has been done in this field (what you have come across in your research). At the end of this paragraph, you should state your planned thesis as well as what’s at stake in writing this paper (i.e. your motivation, the “so what” of your thesis). The second (and third, if a third is necessary) paragraph will cover the specifics of what you plan to argue, and HOW you plan to argue this. Here you can elaborate on your thesis statement, and explain what aspects of your text and research will back up your thesis.

Annotated Bibliography:
Your bibliography must be in MLA format. (See Purdue’s page for help if you need it) You will lose points if you do not use correct MLA citation style. For each citation, you must also include an “annotation,” which consists of a brief overview (summary) of the source, and how this source will be useful to you in making your argument.  Each annotation should be a complete paragraph. For this project, you must include five sources, none of which can be dictionary or encyclopedias.

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