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Blogging this week

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Hi, guys. So this week I’m going to ask you to write one blog post for your final research paper. As discussed last week, I want you to write up the topic, including exactly which text(s) you will be writing about. Give a tentative these (the main point you will be arguing/exploring) and a “motive.” Refer to the handout for an explanation of these terms if you need to. Basically, for yout thesis you will stake some kind of claim that will be the overarching purpose of the paper to argue. For the motive, you should tell us what the larger intellectual question/debate you are engaging with is. What’s at stake in your writing this topic?

You also need to find 3 sources, 2 of which must be scholarly. Give the bibliographic information and a short descirption of the source in your blog post. Print out the sources and bring them, along with the printed out copy of your blog post, to class. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PRINTED MATERIALS FOR CLASS.

We will not spend more than half an hour on Wednesday on the paper, as we spent more than half of last week’s class working on this. We will spend most of the course discussing Bedlam, so make sure you bring that text to class. Please also bring My Life and Anderson’s Autobiography.

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