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Writing prompt for My Life

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Find one paragraph or passage in pages 70-91 or 102-114 in Autobiography to apply to My Life. That is, use one of the critical descriptions of autobiography described by Anderson, and apply it to your own understanding of My Life. Your post should include:

1. The passage from Autobiography you are using
2. A brief paraphrase or description of that passage
3. Write 2 paragraphs explaining how this passage helps you understand the work of My Life. Use the specific language of the criticism in your analysis; in other words, adhere very closely to both texts.  If you don’t want to talk about My Life as a whole, you can pick one specific section of My Life to apply the criticism to, and explain how the criticism helps you understand this one section.

If you are looking for some more info on Lyn Hejinian and My Life, the American Academy of Poets has a great website with author bios and related materials. Here is the page for My Life. Please print out and bring in both this post and your post regarding your own research paper. Don’t bring in your computer: print out these pages on paper, and bring in that paper.

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