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Blog writing prompt (due 9/15)

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After creating your blog (see previous post for help) please write your first post responding to the following prompt:

In Linda Anderson’s introduction¬† to Autobiography she summarizes several different critics’ interpretations of the genre. Choose one passage from the introduction that you find interesting. Type out the quote, and indicate what page it’s on. Then paraphrase (write in your own words) what you think this passage is saying about the genre of autobiography. Finally, explain what you personally find interesting about this topic.

Your own writing (not the quotation itself) should be at least two full paragraphs. Thus your blog should contain the following

1. The passage you are using, typed out in full, with its corresponding page number.

2. At least one paragraph paraphrasing what this passage means.

3. Another full paragraph (not just a few sentences) explaining your response. Your response can include what you find interesting about this, what is new in this or what you disagree with

You are of course encouraged to write more than 2 paragraphs, but that is the minimum.

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